Wigan & Leigh Pensioners Link offers a “Time Limited Contact Scheme”, which provides low - level support for a maximum of six visits for people aged 50 and over, who are experiencing changing times.  

We help by providing :

  • Information

  • Home visits

  • Low level advocacy

  • Regular shopping

  • Help to become more involved in social and community activities

The scheme provides support for people aged 50 and over who are experiencing a time of significant change, for example:  

  • Coming out of hospital  

  • Experiencing practical difficulties resulting from the loss of a family member of friend 

  • Coping with a new illness or disability  

  • Moving into a new area 

By providing low level support, the scheme aims to help by reducing isolation, encouraging independence, helping older people to remain active and preventing a situation worsening and turning into a crisis.

For more information, please contact us (quoting the Time Limited Contact Scheme):

Call us: 01942 261 753
Email us: contact@pensionerslink.org.uk

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