• Volunteering

    After being retired from work, I was feeling at a loss as to what to do during the days, to keep myself busy. A friend of mine mentioned that she was attending a social group at the offices of the Wigan and Leigh Pensioners Link charity, and suggested that I might want to come and see what they do with regard to volunteering work.

    I rang them up and made an appointment for an interview. I was interviewed by Sue Jenkinson, one the Coordinators, who made me feel most comfortable and welcome. Sue pointed out various aspects of volunteering and what the volunteers were doing to help the charity. After the initial induction process and training, I asked if I could work on the reception duties, as this gave me the opportunity to meet visitors to the centre and also receive phone calls. This proved to be good for me as I loved meeting and greeting people and also providing help and support over the phone.

    Since I started with the volunteering work, I have learned more of what the charity offers. I now shop for those who sadly are unable to to do so for themselves. I always spend time with them and sometimes they don't want me to leave. This make me feel wanted and that I am doing something worthy for the community.

    Post your comments on this blog in the comments box below. If you are not a current Pensioners Link Client or Volunteer, and you are interested in Volunteering, use the Contact Us service on the website Home page.

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